I'm Leaving YouTube
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grateful to be alive..
What Happened To Us
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Time to Change.
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Jess Talbot
Jess Talbot Pred 30 minutami
You guys are great 👍
Hardik Lokwani
Hardik Lokwani Pred 35 minutami
15:32 and I saw the guy they met in Berlin...Dude isn’t that crazy ???
MrVirak KH
MrVirak KH Pred 40 minutami
I’m so look happy
The Wandering Welder
The Wandering Welder Pred 41 minuto
"Eating high fats cause insulin resistance" Not if you do a keto diet it doesn't 'DOCTOR'
WaffleBoi Pred 43 minutami
9:21-10:16 me when I have a tiny sip of an energy drink
Rutwij_beatbox Pred 45 minutami
Good they didnt write do not try this at home
Pardu Bolloju
Pardu Bolloju Pred 50 minutami
MelonHead1848 Pred 52 minutami
This type of shit is fun when you have a house to go back to.
Tane Odine
Tane Odine Pred 53 minutami
The temperature at night 📉📉 temperature at day 📈📈
Ťøxî Ramesh
Ťøxî Ramesh Pred uro
I would love to meet Gautam Budhha and ask him about over population and over pollution.
Mercia Namira
Mercia Namira Pred uro
this is a very heartwarming vlog. thank you for sharing. i am cryingg huaa
Riffraffproductions Pred uro
Simping on the next level
Limunga Mbando Ngoe
Limunga Mbando Ngoe Pred uro
This is .... surreal....new subbie here 😊😊 I’m here for more content
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne Pred uro
Thanks for this beautiful ,story of strength and love of family and friends😘👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🙋😍🌈
Jennifer Baldwin
Jennifer Baldwin Pred uro
I love that book Extreme Ownership. I think it’s a great read!
P O S I E Pred uro
"Yea, I got tested 3 times and got negative results." Afghanistan: "Allow me to reintroduce mers."
Mav Pred uro
You can tell Staffan has been through a lot of tough times in his life; you can see it in his eyes. But despite that he's still so happy and has a positive outlook on life which I think is so admirable.
Dao Duong
Dao Duong Pred uro
Wait why is it the least visited country in the world?
Janella De Guzman
Janella De Guzman Pred 2 urami
I cannot describe how good this video is and the other contents. Indeed, Yes Theory is more than a SLus channel. I am so grateful these people exist.
Manish Nim
Manish Nim Pred 2 urami
video is really awesome.. !! I started feeling like I am watching harry potter castles.. :)
OneGun Salute
OneGun Salute Pred 2 urami
Just drove through a few weeks ago, weather was nice hahahh. I do remember driving through with my dad as a kid and his vehicle read 127F, best way I could explain it is when I stepped out of the truck it felt like the was a hair dryer about six inches or less from my face!
Similak Child
Similak Child Pred 2 urami
That's basically the Valheim world map.
Haya Baassiri1
Haya Baassiri1 Pred 2 urami
I wish i could spend a day with yes theory
Kushal Acharya
Kushal Acharya Pred 2 urami
Love From Nepal . Will do a skydive in the near future for sure .
Anushka G
Anushka G Pred 2 urami
They should rescue all the books and music from there. It's going waste.
Ikleefondereensteen Lekker roblox en meer
Ikleefondereensteen Lekker roblox en meer Pred 2 urami
This makes me think are there superhumans
vegan cherry
vegan cherry Pred 2 urami
gosh, that blonde guy is adorable AF. like Noah in Notebook
Jass Ramirez
Jass Ramirez Pred 2 urami
I hope you can come here to the Philippines soon It’s nice here too
Brennan Paige
Brennan Paige Pred 3 urami
Ok.... but who else feels like Amar has a crush on her???
Suhaila Ariff
Suhaila Ariff Pred 3 urami
Yes they
datKom.Mentaryo Pred 3 urami
after the date of this film the another plague coming .. the covid19
Humee Ayisha
Humee Ayisha Pred 3 urami
This video made me think hard about my life, lot if lessons learnt
ok Pred 3 urami
They even make the sponsers entertaining
Artur Lazzarin
Artur Lazzarin Pred 3 urami
Thats hugeee
L is me
L is me Pred 3 urami
They should home their poor , even refugees
benjimoomoo Pred 3 urami
today i found out it snows in istanbul....
Other Jake
Other Jake Pred 3 urami
Rip to his lungs
Christine Sandford
Christine Sandford Pred 3 urami
While I certaintly respect anyone's decision to eat Vegan, not enough people are talking about the quality of food they are eating. Before you went vegan, what was your diet like? Did the vegan diet change your health because you simply started to eat more healthy foods? Food these days is scary, the meat industry is scary, vegetables at many groceries are completely devoid of of nutrients because of the soil, or maybe the vegetables aren't even properly ripened therefore we don't get the proper nutrients. How do we distinguish weather it's veganism, portion control or just simply knowing what is healthy and right for your body?
The Ultimate
The Ultimate Pred 3 urami
Hello yes theory. Love what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work. Love you all(especially Ammar). Peace✌️
syawkcab Pred 3 urami
Look at the painting in the background at 5:47
Joan Mwangi
Joan Mwangi Pred 3 urami
I am a big fan of seeking discomfort which I really see you guys doing. I am from Kenya and would love if one day you'd come here. I would also love to own myself an outfit from your brand "seek discomfort" to remind me of what I love most.that $100 gift card would really come in handy and cheer me up.pleeaasseeee
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Pred 3 urami
Wow this is amazing I was on the edge of my seat the whole entire video I’m glad you made it
Navjot kaur
Navjot kaur Pred 3 urami
I hope you will get your visa soon ❤❤❤
Hahaha Haahahah
Hahaha Haahahah Pred 4 urami
If this was America you will be in jail for breathing
Dimitri Prieto
Dimitri Prieto Pred 4 urami
the clickbait
Jackson Pred 4 urami
Did you guys meet Hannah and her family again after that video 3 years ago??
Aman Chandra
Aman Chandra Pred 4 urami
Vineet Talashi
Vineet Talashi Pred 4 urami
Fuck news channels.. Social media like SLus is best
Pep X
Pep X Pred 5 urami
Would it be wrong if i went there with a chainsaw and an excavator and spent my life bringing it back to what it was 😂
Esther Ma
Esther Ma Pred 5 urami
This video made me cry. Such unnecessary sadness.
Katy Mak
Katy Mak Pred 5 urami
The chef of police lol luvin the accent I believe them all
WheelsofHope Pred 5 urami
Don't confuse having a crush with loving someone. 😳
big daddy
big daddy Pred 5 urami
POV your from TikTok
Lynda Colter-Bergh
Lynda Colter-Bergh Pred 5 urami
I wonder if there are any abandoned construction sites/ villages in the US.
Finally UCanStop
Finally UCanStop Pred 5 urami
Nah bro I can’t I forfeited to vegetarian life
didjychaK Pred 6 urami
"the most unique human being living on earth" ... Come on bro. Wim Hof is amazing yes, but he keeps saying that everyone can do it, we all have the same strength in us. And there is so much great human beings on this earth to inspire us in multiple areas. Besides the exaggeration, great video 👍🏼
New Holland modding /gaming and toy time p
New Holland modding /gaming and toy time p Pred 6 urami
We the farmers and small town folks love our towns yee haw
Faqrul Fauzi
Faqrul Fauzi Pred 6 urami
You guys can be 008 009 010 😂
Glizo _VR
Glizo _VR Pred 6 urami
You know, Every thing must come to an end, Even if it takes forever.....
Colin Douglas
Colin Douglas Pred 6 urami
Would like to be part of team breaking records for highest altitude free falls.
Ted Simpson
Ted Simpson Pred 6 urami
Mythic Samurai17
Mythic Samurai17 Pred 6 urami
I want to become part of the yes theory team so badly. My dream right now is to be able to travel the world as much as possible. My first destination is within europe to meet my boyfriend of over a year now but I've struggled finding a job
Duncan Blakely
Duncan Blakely Pred 6 urami
fabio rodrigues
fabio rodrigues Pred 7 urami
what they spend millions and millions to have brazil have as gift of nature, "lencois maranhences"
JackSepTheGuy Pred 7 urami
Did you guys find any that were locked or were all of the open? This is so interesting
JackSepTheGuy Pred 7 urami
Who owns this?
TheLairdKnows Pred 7 urami
"With love we can change everything." What a great way to end the video.
CrUNKz Pred 7 urami
Cate is a fox
Sully Pred 7 urami
it boils my blood to see that people spray paint the walls of Venice
Worakorn St
Worakorn St Pred 7 urami
I hope I can join you guys in Thailand 🙏🏻💕
G Milk
G Milk Pred 8 urami
Waiting for yes theory to join bitclout and do something with their top coin holders😣😣😍😍
ajantah matthews
ajantah matthews Pred 8 urami
You met Hardin Scott !~
riyad mohmad
riyad mohmad Pred 8 urami
Thank you knowing us this beautiful country
Ralph Sporay
Ralph Sporay Pred 8 urami
I think of the Kurds and my stay there often.
Sully Pred 8 urami
if your phone says no caller id it means they are in your contacts.
Kimberley Chalmers
Kimberley Chalmers Pred 8 urami
That was great
Jeorge Caoagdan
Jeorge Caoagdan Pred 8 urami
Matthew Solomons
Matthew Solomons Pred 8 urami
1AM in South Africa, and I am revisiting this video for probably the 100th time. Truly one of the most inspiring videos I have ever seen - in fact, this is the video that pushed me to accomplish one of my greatest achievements yet: a marathon. Now I know a marathon compared to an ironman is like a walk in the park, but to me it was by far the toughest challenge I have ever faced. I did it because I wanted to push myself beyond my mental and physical limits, to create a habit of overcoming the thoughts that keep us from achieving the impossible. During any long distance run, once it becomes difficult we automatically become negative. We speak down on ourselves and we question why we thought we could even accomplish something like this. These are the thoughts that push us to quit. Funny thing is, we don't only have these thoughts during runs, we have these thoughts almost everyday. The moment things get a little difficult en route to our goals, we start having these negative thoughts, because now we're treading in territory that is new and uncomfortable. However, the goal is on the other end of this discomfort, but many of us cannot push through it - or at least, that's what we think. So I took this journey to push myself mentally, more than just physically. I wanted to create a habit of silencing those thoughts and pushing through, and on this journey I learned something I will treasure as long as I live - we are all stronger than we think. I never thought I could do a 15km, and then I did a 20km. I never thought I could do a 25km, and then I completed 30km. Point is, I never knew what I was capable of until I pushed myself beyond what I thought was possible, and it was only then that I realised how much strength I have. Haha, long story short, thank you to the YesFam for constantly pushing yourselves and breaking mental barriers, because through that, you made me realise that I indeed am stronger than I think! Keep it coming, and also, #bringMattback! lol just kidding, no pressure!
YungG Canelo
YungG Canelo Pred 8 urami
Imagine he was like " are you the guy from the billboard, fuck you "😂idky i thought that
kiwi Randoms
kiwi Randoms Pred 8 urami
This whole video is just 2 men screaming at each other